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Self-Guided School Tours

For K–12 and College Groups

Teachers and chaperones may guide groups of students through the museum independently during museum hours. Unguided groups must be between twelve and sixty people and must follow the Museum Guidelines and Chaperone Guidelines.

Group Admission

Minimum 12 people. The following prices are per person.

Students, 13 and up - $6
Students, 12 and under - $2
Chaperones - $2
Members - FREE

Payment by check, credit card, or cash is required upon entry into the Gallery. The Gallery does not accept purchase orders.

Group Size and Chaperone Policies

  • The maximum number of students admitted to the Gallery at once is sixty; groups of more than sixty students may visit the museum in shifts.
  • Please divide your group into several smaller groups of twelve students each, with a dedicated chaperone. School groups will be admitted to the Gallery ONLY if they have the requisite number of chaperones: one adult per twelve students is required for grades K through 12.
  • No student may tour the Gallery un-chaperoned. Students must remain in their group and accompanied by their chaperone AT ALL TIMES. Chaperones must remain with their group throughout the duration of their visit and are responsible for the group’s behavior.

View All Chaperone Guidelines

Schedule Your Tour

Reservations must be made fourteen days prior to the day of your visit.

For more information, or to make a reservation, please contact 716.270.8276, or Communication by email is preferred and will facilitate a timely response.

Please have the following information available when you call or email:

  • School name, address, school district, and contact information
  • Potential visit dates and times (View Museum Hours)
  • Number of students and chaperones attending
  • Grade level of students

Reservation Confirmation

A tour confirmation packet will be sent to you upon scheduling a tour. Please note, your tour IS NOT officially SCHEDULED until you return the confirmation card included in your packet.

Arrival Instructions

  • For everyone’s safety, please remain on the bus until you are greeted by our Group Tour Coordinator. You will only be allowed entrance to the Gallery fifteen minutes prior to your visit.
  • Before entering the Gallery, please divide your group into the number of groups specified in your confirmation letter. For school tours, at least one adult chaperone must accompany each group of students.
  • Please use the Education Department Entrance only. (View Map

Other Important Information

  • There are no luncheon facilities for school groups.
  • Chaperones must stay with their individual groups.
  • Please review Museum Guidelines and Chaperone Guidelines with your chaperones. Chaperones can enhance the success of the tour, and the amount of learning that can take place by showing active interest in the works of art along with supervising student behavior. When students see adults interested and engaged, they are more likely to respond themselves. We ask that chaperones refrain from chatting among themselves or wandering off, and that cell phones be turned off during the visit. 

Resources for Your Visit

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