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Adult Group Tours

CUSTOMIZED Group Tour Packages!

Bring a group to the museum for a guided tour by a specially trained docent, complemented by visits to AK Café and Shop AK. Our special packages are listed below:

AK Tour 1: Lunch in AK Café followed by a docent-guided tour
AK Tour 2: Docent-guided tour followed by coffee, tea, and dessert in AK Café
AK Tour 3: Docent-guided tour followed by a visit to Shop AK
AK Tour 4: Docent-guided tour only
AK Tour 5: Self-guided tour

Customize Your Tour

Click on the tour options below for tour descriptions:

From Monet to Pollock—A Brief History of Modern Art

Many people do not realize that Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock had one important thing in common—their styles were not readily accepted when they first began making art. This tour will introduce you to the basic movements of art from 1860 to 1960, and explore how critics, the public, and other artists responded to the artwork that was created.

Scandals, Rumors, and Other Tidbits

Nudity at the Albright Art Gallery—how scandalous! And while Georges Seurat’s technique might be interesting, why is that man in the corner smiling? If Clyfford Still hated museums, why did he give us thirty-one of his paintings? Come on this tour to hear stories about art, the artists who created it, and a little bit of Albright-Knox Art Gallery legend.

Moods and Memories

Henri Matisse hoped his art would be restful—how did he achieve his goal? Salvador Dalí wanted his paintings to be enigmatic—how did he create that mood? Marc Chagall combined memory and dream in representations of his childhood—was it a happy one? On this tour, explore the choices artists make to achieve their expressive goals.

Perception Deception

Artists are masters at manipulating what you see and how you see it. Learn a little bit about the science of how you see, and a lot about how artists use their tools—from paint and metal to yarn—to manipulate, augment, or confound your visual experience.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Is anything ever entirely new? Find out how artists borrow, or sometimes steal, from the past and each other, calling into question the idea that anything is completely original. 

It's Up to You

Prepare yourself for a different kind of tour. A facilitator will assist your group in reaching a communal understanding of four works of art by empowering viewers to trust their own close visual observations and the observations of others in their group.

Special Exhibition

Tour one of the Gallery's current special exhibition with your group. See all current exhibitions.

Collection Highlights

The Albright-Knox has more than 6,500 works in its Collection. Tour a selection of highlights from the Collection and learn a little bit about the museum's 150-year tradition of collecting, conserving, and exhibiting the art of its time.

Group Admission (Per Person)

Adults - $8
Seniors (62 and over) - $6
Members - FREE

Schedule Your Tour

Reservations are preferred by the tenth of the month prior to the month you would like to visit. (For example, reservations should be made by October 10 for a November tour.) Space is limited; we encourage you to request your dates as early as possible.

Please read over our terms of agreement before requesting a tour.

To schedule a tour, please fill out our Tour AK Request Form.

A letter will be sent to you upon confirmation of your tour.

For more information, please contact 716.270.8296, or Communication by email is preferred and will facilitate a timely response.

Terms of Agreement


I understand that my group should arrive at the museum five to ten minutes before our scheduled tour time. I understand that the balance due is expected in one payment upon arrival.

Late Policy

I understand that if we are late to the museum, the tour will still end at the originally scheduled time. I understand that if I know we are going to be late, I will call 716.270.8296 as soon as possible. I understand that if our group arrives more than thirty minutes past the scheduled start time of our tour, we cannot be guaranteed a guided tour.


I will make every attempt to call 716.270.8296 before 9 am on the scheduled tour date to report a weather cancellation, or another emergency that would affect our tour. I understand that there will be no penalty if the tour is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, in which case I will receive a credit toward a future tour with a one year expiration date.

Resources for Your Visit

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