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Holly E. Hughes

Godin-Spaulding Senior Curator for the Collection

Black and white photo of a white woman with dark hair and glasses
Photograph by Kevin Bohner

Holly E. Hughes is Godin-Spaulding Senior Curator for the Collection at the Albright-Knox. Her curatorial practice involves organizing exhibitions from the museum’s collection and working with world-renowned artists such as Jason Middlebrook on acquisitions and site-specific installations.

She recently organized the collection-based exhibitions Giant Steps: Artists and the 1960sDrawing: The Beginning of EverythingPicasso: The Artist and His ModelsMonet and the Impressionist Revolution, 1860–1910 and Arp, Miró, Calder, as well as a series of collection-based exhibitions that examine traditionally defined genres, including For the Love of Things: Still Life, Eye to Eye: Looking Beyond Likeness, and Menagerie: Animals on View. Currently, Hughes is working on a comprehensive reinstallation of the Albright-Knox’s collection for the future Buffalo AKG Art Museum, opening in 2022.

Past projects with the Albright-Knox include Spencer Tunick’s installation at Buffalo’s Central Terminal and the exhibitions Bodily Space: New Obsessions in Figurative Sculpture, Op Art Revisited: Selections from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Videosphere: A New Generation, Sweet Dreams, Baby! Life of Pop, London to Warhol, Kelly Richardson: Legion, and One Another: Spiderlike, I Spin Mirrors. She served as the museum’s project director for The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art, a monumental exhibition of contemporary Chinese art that marked the first collaboration between American art museums and a major Chinese art institution.

Hughes holds undergraduate degrees in Fine Art, with a concentration in photography, and Art History from Buffalo State College and a master’s degree with a major concentration in Contemporary Art and a minor concentration in Indigenous Art from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Kelly Richardson (center, left) and Albright-Knox Godin-Spaulding Curator & Curator for the Collection Holly E. Hughes (center, right) give a tour of Kelly Richardson: Legion. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

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