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Tony Feher

(American, born 1956)

Black Light One, 1999

Yellow, 1999

Trojan Blue or Helen’s Downfall, 2001

Bug + Bush #2, 2003

Corpus Christi Deposition, 2003

The Number Green, 2003 (Pictured)

Thunderbird, 2003

Spray paint on cardboard
Dimensions variable
George Cary Fund, 2005

Sculptor Tony Feher explores the malleability of everyday objects and found materials, reinventing these items by reshaping and injecting them with a post-minimalist aesthetic. In the works featured in AK Café, Feher calls attention to a ubiquitous aspect of consumerist society—packaging. With what might be considered an unsculptural approach, he “unpacks” packaging by turning each container into a flat object that takes on the qualities of a painting when washed in Feher’s luxurious, monochromatic color palette. By calling attention to often unnoticed elements in the world around us, Feher beckons the viewer to be more observant and appreciate the beauty in things, no matter how mundane they may seem.

Liam Gillick

(British, born 1964)

Grouped on an old production line, 2007

Polished aluminum
Sixty parts: 78 3/4 x 1 3/8 x 5 15/16 inches (198.1 x 3 x 15.2 cm) each
Albert H. Tracy Fund, Gift of Mrs. George A. Forman, by exchange, and Charles W. Goodyear Fund, 2008
© 2007 Liam Gillick and Casey Kaplan, New York
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Jim Hodges

(American, born 1957)

look and see, 2005

Enamel on stainless steel
300 x 138 x 144 inches (762 x 350.5 x 365.8 cm)
Sarah Norton Goodyear, George B. and Jenny R. Mathews and Charles Clifton Funds, 2006
© 2005 Jim Hodges
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