Installation view of "We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85"

February 17–May 27, 2018

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Current Exhibitions

Picturing Niagara

In this exhibition, artist Stephen Hannock’s recent gift to the Albright-Knox, The Great Falls; for Xu Bing (MassMoca #180), will be joined by additional historical and contemporary interpretations of the natural wonder drawn from the museum’s collection.

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Window to Wall: Art from Architecture

Window to Wall: Art from Architecture features works from the Albright-Knox's collection by twentieth-century artists alongside more recent compositions, illuminating art’s enduring and complex relationship with its sister discipline.

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Matisse and the Art of Jazz

This spotlight exhibition will present all twenty illustrated plates from Henri Matisse's Jazz alongside a small selection of additional works by the artist from the Albright-Knox's collection. 

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Upcoming Exhibitions

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    We present exhibitions of artwork by local students, as well as our Access AK program participants, year-round in our Education Exhibition Hallway. 

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