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A submission from the Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape Response Room

Beyond Landscape: A Community Response

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Sunday, August 24, 2014

Education Exhibition Hallway

As part of the exhibition Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape, the community is invited to participate by providing feedback and reflections in text, image, audio, and video formats. These responses, as varied as they are visionary, have ranged from written observations and photographic re-imaginings of Kiefer’s monumental paintings to original works inspired by landscapes around the world. As a complement to the Beyond Landscape blog, where submissions are published every Friday, this exhibition presents selections from the more than 1,200 physical submissions we have received in our Response Room, located in the 1905 Building, and is designed to display the expansive creativity and insight provided by visitors of all ages to the Albright-Knox.

Admission to this exhibition is free on M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY.

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