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Installation view of The Expendable Ikon: Works by John McHale. Image courtesy of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Digital Assets Collection and Archives, Buffalo, New York.

The Expendable Ikon: Works by John McHale

Saturday, May 12, 1984
Sunday, July 8, 1984

John McHale was an artist and sociologist. He was a founding member of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and a founder of the Independent Group, a British movement that originated Pop art that grew out of a fascination with American mass culture and post-World War II technologies. The Expendable Ikon: Works by John McHale consisted of a selection of 26 collages and a large construction based on the artist’s maquette and built especially for the exhibition. McHale’s collages—part popular culture, part fine art—were influential in the development of British Pop art.

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