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Julia Yoo (Etobicoke School of the Arts). Perpetual Foreigner II. Archival pigment print.

The Presence of Absence (2021 AK Teens: Future Curators Exhibition)

Friday, April 30, 2021
Saturday, May 22, 2021

On View at Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology April 30–May 21, 2021
On View at Western New York Book Arts Center April 30–May 22, 2021
Virtual Exhibition

Despite living in a seemingly connected world, with access to video calls, texting, and social media, many often feel an ocean apart from others, the world, and even themselves. Just as silence can be deafening, The Presence of Absence makes us realize how important these things are. This exhibition represents the expression of human emotion at a time when isolation is mandatory. Using misplaced objects, fractured pieces, and lost figures, the artists in the exhibition draw attention to this feeling of disjointedness. Throughout The Presence of Absence, the works display a progression of physical, social, and emotional isolation. Communicating the hardship of disconnection has led to the pursuit of reconnection and repair. Can we reunite with the parts that have gone missing, making us whole again?

Please see below and visit the websites of the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) and the Western New York Book Arts Center (Book Arts) for information about visiting the exhibitions in person. You cab also view a virtual version of the exhibition.

Guidelines for Visiting BCAT

  • Please call 716.259.1680 to arrange a time to visit the exhibition during business hours (Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm).
  • Groups of up to 6 people will be allotted 30-minute timeslots during which they can view the exhibition.
  • Guests will be prescreened with a temperature check upon arrival and are required to wear masks during their visit.
  • Guests should be aware that this is an active learning space and we have both adult and youth programs going on throughout the day. We ask you to please respect the space and do your best to not disrupt the classes. Guests should not enter classrooms or go downstairs.

This exhibition is organized by the 2021 Future Curators.

Donny Schmidt (Holland High School). Anger. Digital photograph.

Hailey Kliszak (Lake Shore High School). Behind the Smiles. Acrylic on Masonite.

Adeline Skye (Niagara Falls High School). Contentment in Static. Mixed media.

Amina Sidali (BPS #197: MST High School). Cultural Communication. Digital photograph.

Lauryn Socha (Stratton Mountain School). Light at the End of a Tunnel. Digitally altered photograph.

Lucy Dietrich (Tonawanda High School). Skolstrejk för Klimatet. Watercolor and ink.

Tessa Lord (Lewiston-Porter High School). The Help. Stoneware clay.

About the 2021 Future Curators

The 2021 Future Curators team consists of eighteen students in grades 11 and 12: Amnna Attia (Etobicoke School of the Arts), Isabella Conde (Lewiston-Porter High School), Mychajlo Deneka (West Seneca West High School), Rhiannon Furey (Lewiston-Porter High School), Gretchen Gwitt (Nichols School), Mackenzey Holmes (Pioneer High School), Abigail Janowski (Amherst High School), Allison Janowski (Amherst High School) , Zoe Kowalski (Grand Island Senior High School, Future Curators Mentor), Alexandra Lee (Lewiston-Porter High School), Tristan Madden (Nichols School, Future Curators Mentor), Catherine McDonnell (West Seneca West High School), Katelyn Michaels (Nichols School), Madison Stoklosa (St. Mary’s High School), Annelise Wall (Nardin Academy), Christopher Weitz (West Seneca West High School), Sarah Wisniewski (Niagara Falls High School), and Bradley Zubek (West Seneca West High School).

Beginning in January 2021, this creative team of young aspiring art professionals has been learning what goes on behind the scenes at the Albright-Knox and using the museum's collection and current exhibitions to begin thinking about art from the mindset of a curator. They are pleased to present the culmination of their experience, the 2021 AK Teens: Future Curators exhibition, The Presence of Absence. This year, the exhibition will be on view simultaneously in two separate venues in Buffalo, New York: the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (1221 Main Street) and the Western New York Book Arts Center (468 Washington Street). You will also be able to view a virtual version of the exhibition starting April 30, 2021. virtual exhibition closing celebration will take place on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 5–6 pm. Learn More about the AK Teens: Future Curators Program

About the 2021 Artists

The artists whose artworks are featured in the 2021 AK Teens: Future Curators Exhibition, The Presence of Absence, include: Holly Arrison, Amnna Attia, Scarlett Barone, Lilian Beaudoin, Brianna Bernas, Bikash Biswa, Abby Brock, Sienna Cefalu, Kylie Cocca, Eleanor Collins, Isabella Conde, Clare Connolly, Margaret Coughlin, Lucy Dietrich, Lisa Doan, Kelcey Doyle, Dessa Ely, Cara Eugeni, Sarah Falsetti, Naomi Foster, Rhiannon Furey, Leah Gallie, Eve Giancarlo, Adeliz Gottinger, Delaney Graham, Emily Grucello, Erica Guy, Gretchen Gwitt, Kennedy Intihar, Jessica Jiang, Hailey Kliszak, Alexandra Lee, Tessa Lord, Kylie Lundrigan, Sam Marod, Dyshon Martin, Kelly Murray, Jacob Niccola, Amaya Ortiz, Maxwell Palermo, Monet Parker, Emily Peca, Emilea Pfalzer, Donny Schmidt, Amina Sidali, Gabriela Sirén, Arthika Sivasubramaniam, Adeline Skye, Lauryn Socha, Katelyn Suitor, Alex Sullivan, Natalie Turcotte, Annelise Wall, Vivian Wattle, Christopher Weitz, Sadie Withers, Madisyn Wright, and Julia Yoo.

Program Sponsor

AK Teens is presented by KeyBank in partnership with the First Niagara Foundation.

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