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Ebony Joiner's Apollo

Ebony Joiner (Lockport High School). Apollo. Tempera and acrylic on canvas.

Push + Pull (2018 AK Teens: Future Curators Exhibition)

Friday, April 13, 2018
Sunday, May 13, 2018

Clifton Hall Link

Also on view at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology 
April 13–23, 2018

Push + Pull, the 2018 Future Curators exhibition, represents the mental tug-of-war that occurs in all individuals at one point in their lives. Now more than ever, people are encouraged to stand out and be unique, yet as human beings we crave the comfort of fitting into a community. In order to receive the acceptance we need, we are forced to sacrifice part of our identity to conform to society. The works in this exhibition demonstrate the emotions involved with being an individual as well as seeking support from one’s peers, families, and communities.

This exhibition is organized by the 2018 Future Curators.

Admission to this exhibition is free during M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY.

Tomoka Taki's Mom and Uncle

Tomoka Taki (Etobicoke School of the Arts). Mom and Uncle. Archival pigment print.

Amanda Giglia's Poppy Jo

Amanda Giglia (Clarence Senior High School). Poppy Jo. Oil on stretched canvas.

CJ Cruickshank's Till Death Do Us Part

CJ Cruickshank (Medina High School). Till Death Do Us Part. Mixed media (cotton string, glass beads, dye, embroidery floss).

Noah Brown's Porcelain Boys

Noah Brown (Etobicoke School of the Arts). Porcelain Boys. Porcelain sculpture.

Emma Stack's Primavera

Emma Stack (Lewiston-Porter High School). Primavera. Stoneware clay.

Erica Renne Bruno's Saudade

Erica Renne Bruno (Etobicoke School of the Arts). Saudade. Digital photograph.

Lara Knopf's Alley #3

Lara Knopf (Clarence Senior High School). Alley #3. Watercolor and ink on illustration board.

About the 2018 Future Curators

The 2018 Future Curators team consists of 16 students in grades eleven and twelve: Chloe Bartels (Niagara Falls High School), Sophie Barner (Lewiston-Porter High School), Helen Beckley-Forest (Nardin Academy), Andee Berberich (Nichols School), Emily Bookmiller (St. Mary’s High School), Kerrin Bulls (Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts), Steaphanie DeCroix (Lewiston-Porter High School), Maggie DeWitt (West Seneca East Senior High School), Kaitlynn Kless (North Tonawanda High School), Tess Lariviere (Grand Island Senior High School), Theresa Mariathasan (Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart), Desanay Nalls (Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts), Audrey Noreck (Charter High School for Applied Technologies), Jenelle Ranallo (Sweet Home High School), Emma Stack (Lewiston-Porter High School), and Destiny Ann Weyand (Lake Shore Senior High School).

Beginning in January 2018, this creative team of young aspiring art professionals has been learning what goes on the behind the scenes at the Albright-Knox. The Future Curators program allows students to use the museum’s collection and current exhibitions to begin thinking about art from the mindset of a curator. They are pleased to present the culmination of their experience, the 2018 AK Teens: Future Curators exhibition, Push + Pull. To follow the Future Curators as they organize their exhibition, check out the Albright-Knox on Instagram (@albrightknox) each Friday for #FutureCuratorsFridays. Learn More about the AK Teens: Future Curators Program

Program Sponsors

AK Teens is presented by KeyBank. 

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