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Jun Kaneko's North Sea and Untitled dangos installed at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. Photo credit: Takashi Hatakeyama.

The Space Between: Frank Lloyd Wright | Jun Kaneko at the Darwin Martin House

Friday, June 26, 2020
Sunday, October 3, 2021

Darwin Martin House

Beginning in summer 2020, seven of celebrated ceramicist Jun Kaneko’s massive sculptures will be placed throughout the newly-restored historic landscaping of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House.

Kaneko is best known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in ceramic, slowly layering literal tons of clay over weeks and months to shape some of the world’s largest ceramic artworks. With a touch of humor, the artist refers to these objects as dangos, after a Japanese term for dumplings and other gently rounded forms. He finishes his dangos with exuberantly colorful skins of geometric shapes, abstract marks, and drips that embrace the unpredictability of working in this medium.

As part of an innovative collaboration between the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative and the Martin House, The Space Between: Frank Lloyd Wright | Jun Kaneko presents an opportunity to reimagine not only our relationship to this architectural landmark and its grounds but also to the experience of monumental sculpture.

This installation is organized by Curator of Public Art Aaron Ott and Darwin Martin House Curator Susana Tejada.

Project Sponsors

The Space Between: Frank Lloyd Wright | Jun Kaneko at the Darwin Martin House has been made possible by the City of Buffalo and Council Member Joel Feroleto, Mr. Charles E. Balbach, Constance W. Stafford Charitable Lead Trust with additional support from Eberl Iron Works, Inc., Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grant, and an anonymous donor. 

Public Art Initiative Sponsors

The Public Art Initiative was established and is supported by leadership funding from the County of Erie and the City of Buffalo.

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