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Screenshot of the Coatsworth-Pardee-Wright House on the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's Historypin channel

Historypin: Coatsworth-Pardee-Wright House

Location: 66 Soldiers Place (now located at 16 Lincoln Woods Lane)

September 16, 2015

The Coatsworth-Pardee-Wright House, originally located directly on the circle, is currently tucked away on a private street called Lincoln Woods Lane just off Soldiers Place. The large shingle style house was designed as an almost exact copy of H.H. Richardson’s famous Stoughton House in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The house was designed by Williams Lansing (1860–1920) in 1897. In the early 1950s, the estate was cut in half and moved in two segments to a private street constructed at the back of the property, out of sight from the circle. The house remains a private home on a private street. 

For more historical information, visit the Albright-Knox’s channel on Historypin.

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