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Loving In Deed: The Buffalo-Based Photographer who Fought Racism with Portraiture

June 16, 2022

Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold is an educator, historian, and community and political activist who founded the Uncrowned Queens Institute in 1999 to promote the collection, preservation, and dissemination of the individual histories of women, women's organizations, and women's collective history; and to teach and educate women on the use of technology to preserve and disseminate their histories. We asked her what role art can play to combat racism. This was her response.

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"How Do We Find Freedom?" The BLACKMAU Interview, Part 2

June 15, 2022

BLACKMAU is an artistic collaboration with deep ties to Buffalo. In Part 1 of this interview we spoke to Kamau Grantham and Stacey Robinson about the goals of their collaboration; in Part II, we ask them about art and Black mental health and the role that institutions like the Albright-Knox can play in promoting a future in which Black art and Black people live and thrive.

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Welcome Here in All Tongues

May 16, 2022

Since 2019, anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States have risen to an unprecedented level. In 2021, Mizin Shin, an artist, educator, and cofounder of Buffalo’s fine art print studio Mirabo Press, began Use Your Voice #StopAsianHate, a campaign to encourage everyone to speak out against racially motivated prejudice and violence. We spoke to Shin about the campaign.

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Art Making Art

April 19, 2022

Poetry has always been an inspiration to us here at the Albright-Knox, a partner that has gone hand in hand with our exhibitions, our programs, and our education classes. April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate we wanted to highlight one of our partners in the community that helps light up the museum with poetry: Just Buffalo Literary Center.

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Celebrate Neurodiversity with the STARS of City Honors

March 21, 2022

Using guided tours, hands-on art workshops, and discussions, the Albright-Knox’s Creative Connection program partners with groups that provide services for people with disabilities. For Neurodiversity Celebration Week we wanted to tell you more about just one of those longstanding partnerships: STARS at City Honors in Buffalo.

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