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Sherrie Levine

American, born 1947

© 2006 Sherrie Levine

Equivalents: After Stieglitz 1–18, 2006

Set of eighteen inkjet prints, edition 6/12
19 x 13 inches (48.3 x 33 cm) each
Bequest of John Mortimer Schiff, by exchange, and Albert H. Tracy Fund, by exchange, 2009

Sherrie Levine employs the appropriation of works by male modern masters to critique issues of authorship and authenticity. Levine's approach to art-making breathes new life into gendered hierarchies of the art-historical canon. By building up, and knocking down, the past, Levine thwarts the process of looking—leaving the viewer to question his or her consciousness about art.

Equivalents: After Stieglitz 1–18, 2006, consists of eighteen digitized and pixilated photographic prints after American photographer Alfred Stieglitz's analogue images of clouds from the series Equivalents, 1922–1935, which are said to be abstract correlatives of his own experiences and feelings.

Levine's work uniquely speaks to the Gallery's history and its support of Stieglitz's aim to elevate photography to the level of fine art at the turn of the twentieth century. By building on this history, Levine's work adds another layer to what is already a rich and diverse approach to collecting photography.