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Philippe Decrauzat

Swiss, born 1974

© 2011 Philippe Decrauzat

Vertical Wave 02, 2012

Acrylic on canvas
83 1/4 x 48 3/16 inches (211.5 x 122.4 cm)
Charles W. Goodyear Fund, by exchange, 2012

Philippe Decrauzat is influenced by a broad range of abstraction, from Russian Constructivism and Op art to Minimalism, all of which he explores through various mediums, including wall painting, film, sculpture, painting, and installation. Vertical Wave 02, 2012, evokes the early shaped, minimally painted canvases of Frank Stella (American, born 1936), which emphasize the painting as an object. This work hails from a series of paintings in which Decrauzat utilizes the uniformity of Russian Constructivism and the optical line to reference scientific graphs depicting cosmic phenomena. About his approach to artmaking, Decrauzat has commented, “The starting point for my installations and sculptures is often a two-dimensional work or a painting. I want to be able to distinguish a moiré from a tone-gradation, just as a flicker movie is not made with gray but with the optimal contrast between black and white. It’s a question of playing with the historical contradictions, terms, and issues raised by the work, more particularly when the latter map onto the formal issues that arise when transferring it from one medium to another.”