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Julia Bottoms's Heirloom, 2021; Tricia Butski's Equally Distant, 2021; and Rachel Shelton's Adaptive Cycle, 2021, at 714 Northland Avenue. Photo: Brenda Bieger for Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York

Location: 714 Northland Avenue (Get Directions)

Julia Bottoms's HeirloomRachel Shelton's Adaptive Cycle, and Tricia Butski's Equally Distant, were created during an artist residency program hosted by the Albright-Knox as part of the exhibition Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color at Albright-Knox Northland from June 26 to August 1, 2021. During this time, visitors could watch the creative process unfold and engage in dialogue with the artists directly. 

Polytab, the substrate utilized by each artist during the residency program, is a non-woven material that is easily transported and can be worked on in small pieces, so murals can be prepared in studios, classrooms, or any other available space. The material is mobile, scalable, very lightweight, and forms to the surface to which it is affixed, whether this is a brick wall, stucco, concrete, or any other exterior or interior surface. Among the goals of the residency was to expand the opportunities for these artists in the public arena, but also to introduce Polytab to a broad regional audience in the hopes that more educators and artists may be inspired to produce their own public works.

A second cohort of resident artists—Max Collins, Fotini Galanes, and Phyllis Thompson—will be working at Albright-Knox Northland from August 6 to September 12, 2021. You are invited to visit during regular hours to see how these artists work with the same material. After the second residency is complete, the murals by these artists will be added to this location.

Exhibition Sponsors

Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color is made possible through the generosity of Wegmans, Helen and Andy Cappuccino, and Mrs. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.

Additional support is provided by Mr. Robert M. Carey.

Programming for Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color is funded by our Lead Creativity Sponsor, Hyatt’s All Things Creative.

Additional funding for programming is provided by an anonymous donor.

The Albright-Knox’s exhibition program is generously supported by The Seymour H. Knox Foundation, Inc.

Albright-Knox Northland Sponsor

Albright-Knox Northland is supported by M&T Bank.

Resident Artist Murals Sponsor

Additional support provided by our Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color Resident Artist Murals sponsor, BankOnBuffalo.

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    The Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color Resident Artist Murals are just down the block from Albright-Knox Northland.

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