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Bunnie Reiss's Magic Buffalo, 2017, on the East Side of Joe's Deli at 1322 Hertel Avenue. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

Location: Joe’s Deli at 1322 Hertel Avenue (Get Directions)

Please note: Bunnie Reiss is returning to Buffalo at the end of May 2022 to complete a new mural on the west side of the building, which had previously been under construction. Watch this space for information about the new mural.

Bunnie Reiss’s mural for the Hertel Avenue location of Joe’s Deli, entitled Magic Buffalo, features her signature interweaving of dreamlike imagery and mythological themes with delicate geometric tracery. Her work is influenced by her Polish and Russian heritage—especially Poland’s brightly colored folk art and the magical worlds of Russian fairytales—as well as her interest in unseen histories and our connection to animals and nature. The artist has commented, “I was raised in Colorado, with the blue skies and different colors of grass, flowers blooming—that vivid scenery also had an influence on me. I think the combination of those things has finally bubbled up to the surface. So much of art is about investigating yourself and your community."

Bunnie Reiss's Magic Buffalo, 2017, on the side of Joe's Deli at 1322 Hertel Avenue

Bunnie Reiss's Magic Buffalo, 2017, on the West side of Joe's Deli at 1322 Hertel Avenue. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

Reiss aims to bring people together with her work. She is determined to create spaces where people feel safe and can imagine a world that is beautiful and gentle. The artist has said:

“I want people to feel good when they’re looking at my work, to simply have a nice emotional response. Mural painting has a real function in a community. It beautifies neighborhoods, shares stories, encourages people to interact and gather, helps people slow down their busy lives. Murals reach a large demographic because they’re accessible and free to everybody. The public has a right to beautiful things.”

Bunnie Reiss Returns to Buffalo

Two women at left wearing blue latex gloves polish copper etching plates on a table covered with newsprint
Rachel Shelton (left) and Mizin Shin, two of the co-founders of Mirabo Press.

Reiss is returning to Buffalo to complete a new mural on the west-facing side of Joe's Deli, after the previous mural was marred by construction. The completely new mural will draw on Reiss's sense of magic and whimsy and will also be preceded by a week-long residency of collaborative printmaking at the fine art print studio Mirabo Press. Mirabo Press is a printmaking studio founded by Bob Fleming, Rachel Shelton, and Mizin Shin that offers limited edition printmaking, working to expand the local art scene by collaborating with regional, national, and international artists. Through collaboration with artists like Reiss, Mirabo is advancing the medium of print, and through small group workshops they are also introducing the various techniques of printmaking to new learners as well.

About Bunnie Reiss

Weaving together whimsical and fantastical narratives, Bunnie Reiss is a natural storyteller seeking to create work inspired by and filled with magic, imagination, and a love of nature. Reiss spent much of her career in the Bay Area before recently moving to Los Angeles. Since relocating, Reiss has inaugurated more than 14 mural projects in the area. “Painting murals is my favorite thing to do,” says the artist.

Project Sponsors

This mural has been made possible in part by the City of Buffalo and Council Member Joel Feroleto. Additional support has been provided by Joe’s Deli.

Public Art mural projects are generously underwritten by the New Era Cap Foundation.

Initiative Sponsors

The Public Art Initiative was established and is supported by leadership funding from the County of Erie and the City of Buffalo.

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