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Community Speakers Program Terms of Agreement

Scheduling and Availability

Please submit your request for a speaker at least six weeks prior to your event date. Requests for speakers are subject to staff availability and scheduling. Please note that it may take one to two weeks after your request to confirm your speaker. 


For speaking engagements during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm), the fee is $150. For evening and weekend events, the fee is $200. The hosting organization is required to pay a 50% deposit upon booking confirmation; the remaining 50% is due a week before your event. Payment may be made via a check payable to “Albright-Knox Art Gallery” or a credit card payment. 

Cancellation Policy

The speaking engagement may be cancelled by the Albright-Knox for reasons of inclement weather, speaker illness, or scheduling conflicts. If this is the case, you will receive a full refund of fees paid. If you cancel the speaking engagement for any reason, we are not able to return your 50% deposit.


The Albright-Knox can provide images of speakers and/or artworks related to the speaking engagement upon request. We kindly ask that you do not include Albright-Knox logos on any marketing materials. All promotional materials are subject to approval by the Albright-Knox before distribution.


Your initial responsibilities are to:

  • Develop a minimum audience of 20 people
  • Arrange for an appropriate venue—one that can be totally darkened, if necessary, for PowerPoint or film presentations
  • Email a schedule for the event to the Albright-Knox at least two weeks in advance with the name and cell phone number of the contact person for the day of the event
  • Have a person introduce the speaker to the audience
  • Provide the following audiovisual equipment:
    • Laptop computer and digital projector for PowerPoint presentations*
    • A viewing screen large enough to accommodate side-by-side projected images
    • Lighted lectern, if appropriate
    • Sound system adequate for the size of the venue
    • Other equipment as specified by the speaker

*If projection equipment is not available, the Albright-Knox may be able to provide it upon request.


When your speaking engagement is confirmed, the Albright-Knox will send you a program evaluation form. We ask you to please distribute these forms at your event and return the completed evaluations to the Albright-Knox within five days after your event. In addition, we ask you to please provide attendance figures, any comments on the speaker’s presentation, and a sample of print and/or digital promotional materials (if applicable).

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