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About the Public Art Initiative

The Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative is an innovative partnership between the museum and the County of Erie established in 2013 to enhance our shared sense of place and cultural identity in the urban and suburban landscapes of Western New York. The City of Buffalo joined the partnership in 2014.

The goal of the Initiative is to create spaces of dialogue where diverse communities have the ability to socially engage with, actively respond to, and cooperatively produce great public art that is capable of empowering individuals, creating stronger neighborhoods, and establishing Western New York as a critical cultural center.

The Public Art Initiative integrates a wide range of artwork into publicly accessible spaces and engages the diversity of the region’s artistic energies and cultural points of view. Through this initiative, the Albright-Knox seeks to expand public interaction with artists and artworks. The initiative promotes education about the arts through works in the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Collection, related programming, and creative partnerships.

The Public Art Collection includes works by those artists committed to visual innovation and community engagement. The Public Art Initiative presents artists from around the region, nation, and world working in varied forms of media, from traditional to forward-thinking interactions, sculpture to performance, and the permanent to the ephemeral.

Photographs and Video of Public Art Initiative Projects

You are welcome to take photographs and video of Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative projects for personal use. However, please keep in mind that the copyright for each artwork is controlled by the artist. If you would like to use photographs or video of one of these artworks for any commercial purpose, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder before use.


The Public Art Initiative was established and is supported by leadership funding from the County of Erie and the City of Buffalo.

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