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Access AK Programs and Services

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is committed to creating and fostering a universal environment of accessibility for visitors of all ages. Access AK comprises programs and services that respond to a wide variety of special needs. 

Creative Connection

Using guided tours, hands-on art workshops, and discussions custom designed to meet the needs and interests of each participating group, this program enables and encourages individuals to express themselves both verbally and nonverbally in the art museum environment. Goals of the program also include providing opportunities for recreation and socialization, increasing sensory awareness and sensory integration, and improving feeling identification and expression through the use of art. Each year, Creative Connection presents an exhibition highlighting the artwork created by program participants and hosts a special community reception honoring these children and adults. 

Groups are usually limited to a maximum of ten participants, and must be accompanied by agency/school staff at all times. Sessions are ninety minutes long and are free of charge. To register, please contact Accessibility and Community Programs Coordinator Teri Fallesen at 716.270.8249, or

Verbal Description Sensory Tours

The former Art Sense-Ations and Please Touch programs are merging into a new tour offering, the Verbal Description Sensory Tour. 

Verbal Description Sensory Tours are for adults who are blind or partially sighted. An in-depth verbal description tour is enhanced by engaging several senses, often including, but not limited to, the sense of touch. Tours are given of select works from the Albright-Knox’s Collection and special exhibitions; additional sensory experiences are provided during or immediately following the tour.

The program is free of charge, but enrollment is limited and advanced registration is required. To register, or for more information, please contact Accessibility and Community Programs Coordinator Teri Fallesen at 716.270.8249, or

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Veterans Connecting Through Art 

The Access AK: Veterans Connecting through Art program welcomes veterans to participate in a guided tour of the museum’s Collection, followed by a hands-on art experience. Eight two-hour sessions are held each year and are free of charge. Limited space is available and advance registration is required.
 To register, or for more information, please contact Accessibility and Community Programs Coordinator Teri Fallesen at 716.270.8249, or

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Listening to Art

Audio wands that provide self-guided verbal description tours for visitors who are blind or partially sighted are available at the Guest Services Station.



Access AK is made possible through the generous support of the James H. Cummings Foundation, Inc. Endowment; The William M. Wood Foundation; and National Fuel.