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2011 Future Curators

The 2011 Future Curators team was made up of fourteen students in grades eleven and twelve: Benjamin Almeter (St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute), Jordan Bianchi (Clarence High School), Chelsea Butkowski (Kenmore East High School), Emily Carlson (Nichols School), Kellie Corwin (Nichols School), Amanda Equils (Niagara Wheatfield Senior High School), Kimberly Floyd (East Aurora High School), Leigh Ann Gantz (Kenmore West High School), Alexandra Gerbec (Kenmore East High School), Samantha Kahn (Grand Island High School), Catherine Mucci (City Honors School), Casey Schultz (St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute), Matthew Stepien (Williamsville East High School), and Migella Sterlace-Accorsi (East Aurora High School).

This dynamic team of young artists, art historians, writers, and musicians was selected from a pool of applicants and began the program in January 2011. Their exhibition, raw, was on view at the Gallery from Friday, May 6, through Sunday, July 3, 2011. Activities celebrating the exhibition opening took place on Friday, May 6, as part of M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY.

The 2011 Future Curators (from left): Chelsea Butkowski, Jordan Bianchi, Emily Carlson, Kimberly Floyd, Migella Sterlace-Accorsi, Casey Schultz, Matthew Stepien, Catherine Mucci, Samantha Kahn, Leigh Ann Gantz, Amanda Equils, and Benjamin Almeter, with Program Coordinator Lindsay Kranz. Not Pictured: Alexandra Gerbec and Kellie Corwin. In the background is Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1268: Scribbles: Staircase (AKAG), conceived 2006; executed 2010 (Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery; George B. and Jenny R. Matthews Fund, 2007). Photographs by Tom Loonan.


The 2011 Future Curators coordinate the layout of their exhibition raw.

Guests and Future Curators explore the exhibition on opening night, May 6, 2011.


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