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Virtual Summer Art Class Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for answers to some frequently asked questions about our new Virtual Summer Art Classes

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact Samantha Serrano at 716.270.8283 or ¿Preguntas? Comuniquese con Samantha Serrano a 716.270.8283 o

Can siblings attend together, even if they are different ages?

Yes, siblings are welcome to share a screen for a Virtual Summer Art Class. Please keep in mind that materials and activities are geared toward the age groups listed and aren’t able to be modified for children who are significantly older or younger. If siblings would like to join the artmaking, additional art kits are available for $25 each ($50 for the two-week Building a Portfolio class). Links to purchase additional art kits are available on each program page.

How big are the groups? What about teachers?

Groups will include a maximum of 15 students. Each group will have two lead teachers. Classes will be conducted using Zoom. Registration is for one screen, and we will be asking for your Zoom account name before the first class begins in order to admit only registered students to the class.

Do I need to be in the room with my child while they are in Virtual Summer Art Classes?

For Ages 4–5:
Parents/guardians will need to assist with set-up every day and we recommend you are nearby in case your child(ren) need(s) assistance with the project.

For Ages 6–8 and Ages 9–11:
Parents/guardians will need to assist with set-up every day, but once class begins your child should be able to work independently.

For Ages 12–14 and Ages 15–17:
Parents/guardians are not needed to assist with set-up or during class.

Will you send us craft materials, or do we have to buy them?

Art kits with supplies for the weeklong classes are included with registration. Curbside pickup instructions will be included in a follow-up email. Some disruption in supply chains has caused delays in shipping of art materials, so we encourage everyone to register as soon as possible. We may not be able to guarantee the inclusion of all materials for registrations made after June 9, 2020. Links to purchase additional art kits are available on each program page.

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