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Gerard Malanga with Andy Warhol. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Talk: Gerard Malanga

Thursday, April 4, 2019 ● 7:15 pm


Join the artist and poet Gerard Malanga for a showing of his short film Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks, which features extremely rare footage of his life inside and outside of Andy Warhol's Factory in the 1960s, and a reading of select pieces from his just-released book Cool & Other Poems. There will also be a Q&A session.

A book signing and cash bar will take place immediately after the presentation in AK Café.

About the Artist

Gerard Malanga is an American photographer, filmmaker, poet, and archivist, and was Andy Warhol’s assistant and collaborator for seven years in the 1960s. In June 1963, he went to work for Andy Warhol as “a summer job that lasted seven years.” Malanga dropped out of Wagner College in 1964, freeing him up to work for Warhol full-time.

He worked closely for Warhol during the artist’s most creative period from 1963 to 1970. He was referred to by The New York Times as “Andy Warhol’s most important associate.” Warhol and Malanga worked side-by-side on some of the Warhol’s most famous paintings. Malanga acted in many of the early Warhol films. Malanga and Warhol collaborated on the nearly 500 individual three-minute film “Screen Tests.” During the course of his years working with Warhol and after, Malanga shot and produced 12 films of his own.

Malanga was a published poet before meeting Warhol and has continued to publish poetry over the past six decades. He has authored or been featured in 24 books of poetry, including his January 2019 release Cool and Other Poems.

Malanga’s life as a photographer goes back to when he was 12 years old, documenting New York City’s railroad system. In the 1970s, Malanga dedicated much of his artistic energy to portrait photography. In total, he has photographed and archived hundreds of artistic, literary and musical personalities over the years, including Robert Mapplethorpe, Jasper Johns, Allen Ginsberg, Mick Jagger, and William Burroughs.

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