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Rhonda Wheatley

Write it Out: A Journaling Workshop

Saturday, March 19, 2022 ● 1:30 pm
3:30 pm

Virtual Event

Join artist and energy worker Rhonda Wheatley for Write it Out, where we’ll explore journaling as a multi-faceted tool for self-care, personal reflection, and growth. As a practice, journaling can be about much more than merely documenting the events of one’s daily life. It can also be about venting, uplifting our mood, cultivating creativity, future visioning, and ultimately attaining greater self-awareness. One’s journal can serve as a therapeutic mental and emotional outlet, which is especially crucial during times of heightened uncertainty and anxiety. Bring your favorite journal, a notebook, or an audio/video recording device, and feel free to participate at your comfort level.

This event is presented in conjunction with the special exhibition In These Truths, an exhibition of works by Black cultural producers. 


Please register online. You will receive a link to join this virtual program the morning of the event. 

About the Teaching Artist

Rhonda Wheatley is a Chicago, Illinois–based multidisciplinary artist and educator whose sculptures, installations, and interactive projects are grounded in the speculative, metaphysical, and spiritual, exploring healing, consciousness expansion, and transformation. As an energy healer, Wheatley imbues her work with meditative focus and intent. Each sculpture is attuned to the combined energies and symbolism of her materials—vintage found objects and electronics, as well as organic and natural materials, including fossils, cicadas, barnacle clusters, moss, and shed snakeskin. Wheatley’s work has been featured in exhibitions at sites such as Hyde Park Art Center and Gallery 400 in Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, California; and Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, California, among others.

About the Exhibition

In These Truths is an exhibition of works by Black cultural producers, co-curated by two of Buffalo’s most influential, charismatic, and insightful artists, Edreys Wajed and Aitina Fareed-Cooke, in collaboration with Curator of Public Art Aaron Ott. This invitational exhibition focuses on Black artists, emerging and established, who, through a wide range of mediums, provoke and reconsider, defy and embrace, test and talk about our shared reality. 

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