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Spectrum: Daydreams of Reality (2010 Future Curators Exhibition)

Friday, May 21–Saturday, July 3, 2010

The 2010 Future Curators (from left): Danielle Shatkin (Williamsville South), Evan Murphy (East Aurora), Nhan Bui (Cheektowaga), Program Coordinator Anna Jablonski, Vanessa Nguyen (North Tonawanda), Dan Kunkel (Tapestry), Kaoru Otani (City Honors), Chris Borschel (Alden), Sarah Stoklosa (Buffalo Seminary), Neil Savoy (St. Joseph's), Patrick White (St. Joseph's), Joseph Polino (Canisius), Mondéa Moss (Mt. St. Mary's), and Marisa Chilberg (Lewiston-Porter). Not Pictured: Alex Korchynski (Nardin). In the background is Convergence, 1952, by Jackson Pollock. © 2010 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

A spectrum displays an assortment of colors, expressive of ideas, imaginations, and emotions. Within a spectrum, every contrast and combination can be seen. Our Spectrum personifies the mass array of ideas that linger within the individual. Our minds, like those of the artists included in this exhibition, work as prisms; they capture reality and reflect it as something beautiful and new. Each individual work stands alone, as colors do every day. They may differ in media or subject matter—depicting reality in great detail or surreal abstractions—but when they come together as a whole, they create one collective body of work, one spectrum.

And what of daydreams of reality? Daydreams might be considered the opposite of reality, but, in truth, daydreams and reality exist uniquely in harmony. Our daydreams reflect the reality of our lives; they take mundane situations like work and turn them into fantastical scenarios. Thoughts and ideas become real: An author can take images of a nonexistent world and create heroic tales. A composer must first imagine what a song sounds like before it can be played. An artist envisions an image in his or her mind before the click of a camera or the stroke of a paintbrush. Spectrum is the result of those daydreams turning into reality.

– Neil Savoy and Marisa Chilberg

About the 2010 Future Curators

Fourteen exemplary students were invited to participate in the 2010 Future Curators program: Chris Borschel, Nhan Bui, Marisa Chilberg, Alexandra Korchynski, Daniel Kunkel, Mondéa Moss, Evan Murphy, Kaoru Otani, Joseph Polino, Neil Savoy, Danielle Shatkin, Sarah Stoklosa, and Patrick White. Their exhibition Spectrum: Daydreams of Reality was on view at the Gallery from May 21 to July 3, 2010. They also planned a series of events to coincide with the exhibition opening on May 21, 2010. The events took place as part of the Gusto at the Gallery series. Learn More about the Future Curators Program

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Friday, May 21, 2010

5–7 pm
Art Activity: Scratching into Reality
Use colorful scratchboards to illustrate your dreams and release them into reality!

6–7 pm
One Step Beyond Tour: "Mother May I?"

Members of the Future Curators Teen Program will lead this week’s tour based on a quirky adaptation of the traditional children’s game, “Mother May I,” in the newly opened exhibition Spectrum: Daydreams of Reality. A special hands-on activity in the Education Classrooms will follow.

6–10 pm
Open Mic: A Vocal Spectrum

Calling all poets, musicians, singers, and dancers—seize this opportunity to express yourself!

7 pm
Film: Donnie Darko (Directed by Richard Kelly, 133 minutes)
When a teenager’s worlds of reality and imagination collide, he must find a balance between them in time to save his family and friends.