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Three Ways to Make a Scene

Grade Level: Elementary School (Grades K–5), Middle School (Grades 6–8), High School (Grades 9–12)
Lesson Type: Collection

Artists have often found inspiration in art history’s movements and from their fellow artists. While André Derain, Stuart Davis, and Giorgio de Chirico painted with different styles and focuses, all three artists created landscapes. This lesson plan will examine these artists’ various styles through the theme of landscapes.

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We the Activists

Grade Level: Elementary School (Grades K–5)
Lesson Type: Public Art

In this lesson, students will learn what activism looks likes and how it can be demonstrated through the community mural The Freedom Wall. Additionally, students will view Carrie Mae Weems’s Family Pictures and Stories and learn how Weems’s use of photography enables her to advocate for something that she has a passion for.

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