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Your War Photos: Week 2

April 12, 2013

Submitted by @letmereiterate via Twitter

Thank you again to everyone who has shared their photos of war and conflict over the past two weeks. We are now more than halfway through this photo-sharing campaign and the exhibition that inspired it, Looking Out and Looking In: A Selection of Contemporary Photography.

This week’s photos, some iconic and some mysterious, once again reflect multiple facets of this difficult subject. From an image of suited-up soldiers marshalling their energy on a break, to a scene of those immersed in battle and a view of a resting place for those who have fallen, they exhibit the range of emotion evoked by the topic.

Our next theme is social commentary, and, as Looking Out and Looking In has shown us, this type of expression can take many forms. Please share your social commentary photos on Instagram or Twitter by April 25 and include #akcomm and @albrightknox in your caption.