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Virocode to Exhibit in the Albright-Knox’s Gallery for New Media: A Disappearance of the Source

September 21, 2011

Buffalo, NY – The Western New York collaborative duo Virocode will open an exhibition of photographic and video installation work at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on October 21, 2011. Since 1987, Virocode, has been exploring the intersection of science—in particular, evolutionary theory, biomedical technology, and physics—and popular culture through hybrid uses of video, photography, sculpture, and digital technology.

“As the intersection of technology and traditional media becomes an ever-increasing part of the global art landscape, Virocode’s practice brilliantly captures such moments through an innovative lens. Being based here in Western New York, they are accessible and beloved in the community,” exhibition curator Heather Pesanti said speaking on their work.

Virocode is composed of the artist Andrea Mancuso and the medical researcher/clinician Peter D’Auria. The artists’ work captures and reveals performative actions generated from the confluence of man-made technology—such as cameras and sound triggers—and natural forces. In their most recent series, “Evolving Moisture,” the artists explore science, motion, and time through the movement of gases and liquids, including the rapid and potentially explosive expansion of energy. These explorations are related to the human body through spectacular photographs and digital videos. The works touch on the ephemeral and invisible, using high-speed cameras to slow down time so that normally unseen moments are rendered pure and beautiful.

For their exhibition at the Albright-Knox, A Disappearance of the Source, Virocode will show new works relating to their “Evolving Moisture” series, including static photo-sculptures, video projections, and a new experimental strategy that uses micro-loops of video/digital photographs that shimmer within framed LCD screens.

Virocode has exhibited work throughout the United States and in Europe, including at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Impakt Festival in The Netherlands. Locally, Mancuso and D’Auria have exhibited at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, the Burchfield Penny Art Center, CEPA Gallery, and Squeaky Wheel.

The Gallery for New Media features an ongoing series of solo and thematic exhibitions of artists working in film, video, and other forms of time-based media. Forthcoming exhibitions will be organized using works from the Gallery’s Collection, as well as special projects, and will be featured as part of the Gallery’s ongoing programming. Previous installations in this series have included Paul Pfeiffer: In the Zone, Pipilotti Rist: Dwelling (within), and Sarah Morris’s Points on a Line, 2010, part of the special exhibition Videosphere: A New Generation.

A Disappearance of the Source is organized by Curator Heather Pesanti and will be on view in the Gallery for New Media from October 21, 2011, through January 29, 2012.