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British, active 1995-2008

Mongrel was a shifting collective of multicultural artists who worked in different combinations around the world. Founded in London, they would go on to make work with townships in South Africa, rural communities in Jamaica, and the Surinam community in Amsterdam. The group emerged as a response to the racial exclusivity of the technology industry and as a way to explore the application of digital tools to artistic production. Members included Richard Pierre-Davis, Mervin Jarman, Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji, and expanded to encompass Richard Wright, Matthew Fuller, and Lisa Haskell, among others.

You can see more of Mongrel's work here:

What does it mean if instead of defining ourselves as black and white, or this or that, what happens when we take a critical view of ourselves and see how many different versions of ourself appear, depending on where we're talking to the bank manager, or whether we're talking to a friend, or whether we're talking to a policeman?

Graham Harwood of Mongrel

Mongrel (British, active 1995—2008). Heritage Gold, 1997. Software program displayed on vintage CRT monitor. Courtesy of the artists and Rhizome.

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