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Phyllis Thompson

American, born 1944

Phyllis Thompson primarily works in monotype because, like memory, it is an imperfect system that often brings forth surprising results. Her process includes visual elements such as patterned fabric, textured papers, and faded photographs to construct portraits of ancestors she never met. “These ancestors, whose solemn, reserved eyes stare forward into time, envision a moment where they may be both physically and systematically unshackled,” she has commented. “Through my work I empower memories that tell stories. . . . my art becomes the bridge that connects the past with the present and reaches into the future." Thompson received her BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art, her MFA from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University, and her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Thompson is a lecturer at SUNY Buffalo State and a teaching artist at various educational organizations in Buffalo. 

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