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Rian Ciela Hammond

Rian Ciela Hammond

born United States, 1988

The artist and biologist Rian Ciela Hammond (they/them/theirs) creates media-expansive artworks that invite people to examine the interactions between technology, power, and ways of knowing and being a body. Hammond’s work can be found in the online publication PUSH/PULL: Trans Family Archive (2020) and has been exhibited at El Museo, Buffalo, NY (2020) and Gas, a mobile gallery in Los Angeles, CA (2019). Hammond is based in Lenapehoking (Jersey City, NJ).

See more of Hammond's work at their website:

As a trans person, I feel like art is, is therapy for me, and it's also a way for me to create my own narratives and find my way through all of these complicated messages that I'm told and I have internalized.

Rian Hammond

Rian Ciela Hammond (American, born 1988). Root Picker, 2021. Photograph of installation with digital video (color, sound) and bioreactor containing soil fungi transforming wild yam extract into steroid hormones. Courtesy of the artist.

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