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Tricia Butski

American, born 1990

Tricia Butski is an artist and educator living and working in Buffalo who most recently participated in Works, From Home, a multi-artist project organized by the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative in 2020. Butski’s current work explores the limitations of memory and examines the instability inherent in portraiture. By challenging the boundaries between representation and abstraction, and questioning the relationship between fluctuation and constancy, the works become entangled and distorted in our innate desire for clarity and proclivity for drawing meaning out of partiality. The work becomes fragmented through a conceptual procedure that corresponds to the experience of forgetting and the patchwork manner in which our memories are held and consistently altered. Butski holds a BFA from SUNY Fredonia and an MFA from the University at Buffalo. She is currently a resident artist at Buffalo Arts Studio and an adjunct instructor at SUNY Fredonia and Erie Community College. 

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