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From Caves to Cathedrals

5,000 Years of Contemporary Art Lecture Series

Saturday, September 11, 2010, 11:15 am

FREE for Gallery Members / $10 for non-members

With Curator of Education Mariann Smith

The prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux; the early civilizations of the Middle East; the glories of ancient Greece and Rome; the pyramids and wonders of Egypt; the great cathedrals of Notre Dame, Amiens, and Chartres—travel through time in this introduction to Western art through the thirteenth century.

The 5,000 Years of Contemporary Art Lecture Series continues through March 12, 2011. Throughout the series, Curator of Education Mariann Smith, Associate Curator of Education Nancy Spector, and guest speakers will use the Gallery’s Collection and other selected works to tell the story of art from ancient times through today.

Doors for all lectures open at 11 am.