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Similarly short, distinct brushstrokes coalesce into the trees and shallow, walled pool that fill this landscape. A thin-trunked tree with light-dappled yellow-green foliage fills much of the left side of the canvas. Behind the tree, a low sandy colored wall contains a shallow, rectangular pool of water. Additional trees with darker green leaves line the right edge of the pool, extending to the upper edge of the canvas.
Notre-Dame, une fin d'après-midi (A Glimpse of Notre Dame in the Late Afternoon)
Die Wölfe (Balkankrieg) [The Wolves (Balkan War)]
Sunlight streams into a living room from open floor to ceiling windows on the left-hand side of this painting. A man sits with his back to the window, facing a child who stands slightly to the right of the image’s center on the room’s red-and-white striped carpet. A table with a decorative urn, a patterned curtain behind the child, and the rest of the room’s furnishings are also largely in shades of white and red with blue accents. The entire scene is painted in rough, loose brushstrokes.