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This wintery landscape features a path that follows a still gray river as it curves from the bottom right corner of the canvas and recede into the distance under an overcast sky. On the right side of the painting, smokestacks on a distant are reflected in the water. Four small figures summarily rendered in dark tones walk on the path, with one appearing to move toward the viewer. To the left is a patch of trees and grass that peeks out beneath melting snow.
Similarly short, distinct brushstrokes coalesce into the trees and shallow, walled pool that fill this landscape. A thin-trunked tree with light-dappled yellow-green foliage fills much of the left side of the canvas. Behind the tree, a low sandy colored wall contains a shallow, rectangular pool of water. Additional trees with darker green leaves line the right edge of the pool, extending to the upper edge of the canvas.
Notre-Dame, une fin d'après-midi (A Glimpse of Notre Dame in the Late Afternoon)
A landscape of recently cleared fields and grass covered hills beneath a sunny blue sky filled with white clouds fills this horizontally oriented painting. In the bottom left foreground, a woman holding a basket in her right hand watches as a man thrusts a shovel into the ground. A horse-drawn wagon approaches in the distance, and a child sits in the field toward the right edge of the painting. The entire scene is rendered in individual dots of paint in deep blue, violet, green, orange, and other shades.
A woman wearing a low-cut pink evening dress and elbow-length gloves sits at the center of this horizontally oriented painting. What appears to be a multicolored furred or feathered garment rests on the back of her red chair. Her face, oriented left, is largely obscured by shadow. She clutches a folded fan in her right hand and adjusts the top of her left hand. The entire scene is loosely painted in a palette dominated by dark greens and yellows.