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This wintery landscape features a path that follows a still gray river as it curves from the bottom right corner of the canvas and recede into the distance under an overcast sky. On the right side of the painting, smokestacks on a distant are reflected in the water. Four small figures summarily rendered in dark tones walk on the path, with one appearing to move toward the viewer. To the left is a patch of trees and grass that peeks out beneath melting snow.
Le bassin du Jas de Bouffan (The Pool at Jas de Bouffan)
Beyond the edge of a window shutter on the right side of the painting unfolds a street scene along the Seine river. Multiple figures walk on the roads along each side of the river and over a bridge. The contours of Notre Dame Cathedral dominate the upper right quadrant. The painter suggested a hazy atmosphere by painting the scene in broad and loose brushstrokes of muted blues, purples, pinks, greens, and browns.
Paysans dans les champs, Éragny (Peasants in the Fields, Éragny)
Portrait de Mlle Rose Caron (Portrait of Rose Caron)
This horizontally oriented canvas features a loosely painted rural scene of several old stone houses and a dirt road running between them. Tall trees rise above behind the roofs. The grey and somber light that pervades the scene overall streams from a cloudy sky in the top quarter of the canvas. In the painting’s middle ground, a human figure wearing a blue shirt and light-colored trousers raises an axe above his head in order to chop a large branch at his feet.
L'objet invisible (Mains tenant le vide) [Invisible Object (Hands Holding the Void)]