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Two biomorphic forms sit side by side in the foreground of this abstract, dream-like landscape. The smaller form on the left includes a gray square with red sticks emerging from its left side. Narrow gray stalks support the blue and pink shapes that make up the taller form on the right, which casts a long shadow toward the top left corner of the painting. Nine small circular discs with white sides and blue surfaces appear scattered throughout the scene.
This portrait features a young Caucasian man shown from the waist up against a roughly defined background of blue, gray, and brown. The brushwork overall is quite loose. The man wears an oversized orange jacket open over a wrinkled light-green button-down shirt that gapes around his neck. The man’s face is very thin, with prominent cheekbones and sunken, gray-blue eyes. His shortly cropped brown hair is slightly receding above his right ear.