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Portrait de Mlle Rose Caron (Portrait of Rose Caron)
Angular wolves inhabit this semiabstract landscape inhabited by angular wolves. One brown, one orange, and one blue-black animal, all three crouched and on the prowl, enter from the right side of the painting. All have hollowed-out eyes. Another black wolf lies sleeping or dead at the left on the canvas. The tone of the painting is dark and brooding despite the expressive yellow sunset at the top, blue flames of a fire in the foreground, and two pink flowers at lower right.
This horizontally oriented canvas features a loosely painted rural scene of several old stone houses and a dirt road running between them. Tall trees rise above behind the roofs. The grey and somber light that pervades the scene overall streams from a cloudy sky in the top quarter of the canvas. In the painting’s middle ground, a human figure wearing a blue shirt and light-colored trousers raises an axe above his head in order to chop a large branch at his feet.
L'objet invisible (Mains tenant le vide) [Invisible Object (Hands Holding the Void)]
Dinamismo di un cane al guinzaglio (Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash)
Une laveuse au Quai d'Anjou (Laundress on the Quai d'Anjou)
Tall dark green and black rectangles rise from a diamond patterned ground at the bottom of this vertically oriented painting. The shapes are taller than they are wide and grouped together like a dense thicket of branchless tree trunks. Each is patterned with a set of irregular white dashes and other marks. Black, cloud-like shapes emerge from the upper left corner and center right edge of the soft gray background.