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Prototype 1970: War, children, its just a shot away  Four Dead in Ohio  I Love Beijing Tiananmen  Excuse me while I kiss the sky
Prototype 1979: Road between Afghanistan and Soviet Union: Managua, Nicaragua; Shahyad Square, Tehran, Iran; Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; New York City, USA
Prototype 1971: Bangladeshi women freedom fighters smuggle grenades under water hyacinths while May Day protesters congregate in West Potomac Park
Prototype 1972: Londonderry/Munich/Trang Bang
Prototype 1973: 03/27/1973 Wounded Knee, U.S.A.  09/11/1973 Santiago, Chile
Prototype 1974: Letebirhan Haile, Mairéad Farrell, and Patti Smith emit powerful ray bursts, destroying existing stars and spurring the growth of new stars
Prototype 1975: mother with her sons (Lebanese Civil War, Western Sahara War, Angolan Civil War, Cambodian Genocide)
Prototype 1976: Antoinette Sithole, Mbuyisa Makhubo and Hector Pieterson cast shadows on Mars landing
Prototype 1977: Police Room 619, Sanlam Building, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Office of Harvey Milk, San Francisco City Hall, U.S.A.  Nowhere Bus
Prototype 1978: Love Canal, USA (from 5km), Jonestown, Guyana (from 20km)