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Museum Guidelines

In order to ensure the safety of all works of art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, we ask you to observe the following:

  • Please do not touch the artwork or lean on the walls.
  • Please view the art at a safe distance—at least three feet away.
  • No running or pushing in the museum; please walk slowly and carefully.
  • Be respectful to other visitors and guided tours by speaking quietly.
  • Photography of exhibitions on loan is not permitted. (More about taking photographs at the museum)
  • Photography, in existing light without a flash, of works from the Collection may be permitted only upon consent of museum staff. Please check with a member of our Guest Services staff before taking a photograph. (More about taking photographs at the museum)
  • Use only pencils for taking notes or sketching. Pens and other types of writing implements are not permitted. (Pencils are available at the Admissions Desk or the Guest Services Station.)
  • Food, drinks (including bottled water), chewing gum, and e-cigarettes are NOT permitted in the museum.
  • All parcels, purses, or bags larger than 11 x 15 x 5 inches in size, all backpacks, baby carriers, umbrellas, briefcases, video cameras, flashes, and tripods are prohibited.
  • All items entering and leaving the museum are subject to inspection.

Additional Guidelines for Group Tours

  • Please remain with your assigned group at all times.
  • Shop AK welcomes one group of chaperoned students at a time. Each group must consist of one chaperone and no more than fifteen students.
  • Please leave all backpacks and large purses on the bus.

Thank you for helping us care for our renowned collection of art!