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Bowl and Column from the series Objects of Desire III 1/2

© Estate of Sarah Charlesworth

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Sarah Charlesworth

American, 1947-2013

Bowl and Column from the series Objects of Desire III 1/2, 1986 (printed 2004)

diptych: silver-dye bleach prints

Edition: artist's proof 1

each (framed): 42 x 32 inches (106.68 x 81.28 cm)

Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York

James S. Ely Fund, 2004


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Work Type

Silver-dye bleach print

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Sarah Charlesworth’s “Objects of Desire” series feature appropriated imagery sourced from a wide range of publications, such as fashion magazines and archaeological textbooks, and then placed in new contexts to comment on the ways in which contemporary culture markets desires. Charlesworth cut out and rephotographed the images against backgrounds saturated with pure color, often pairing the clippings side by side to further incite a narrative. In Bowl and Column, a modest gold bowl is paired with an iconic Greek column against a lush, ultramarine-colored backdrop. Together, they can be read as symbols for male and female. If so, the fact that Charlesworth presents these two objects on an equal footing would seem to allude to equivalence between the genders.

Label from For the Love of Things: Still Life, February 27–May 29, 2016

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