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2014 Future Curators

The 2014 Future Curators team consisted of 21 students in grades 11 and 12:

Sydney Bryk (Lewiston-Porter High School), Connor Caso (Lewiston- Porter High School), Lissette DeJesus (PS 195: Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts), Sarah Fenn (Nichols School), Anika Fors (Williamsville East High School), Clare Galbo (Nardin Academy), Steve Goehrig (Canisius High School), Kari Karsten (Niagara Wheatfield High School), Yeojin Kim (Williamsville East High School), Claire Martin (Iroquois High School), Sienna Martinez (Lewiston-Porter High School), Almisah McAllister (Amherst High School), Jack Nelson (Amherst High School), Rose Rivera (Charter School for Applied Technologies), Megan Rogers (Lewiston-Porter High School), Jess Rohl (Williamsville East High School), Mitch Stepien (Williamsville East High School), Jess Trainor (Kenmore West High School), Erin Vecchies (Lewiston-Porter High School), Teddy Wieleba (Kenmore West High School), Lily Zenger (Nardin Academy).

The 2014 Future Curators (Back row, from left): Mitch Stepien, Sarah Fenn, Teddy Wieleba, Lissette DeJesus, Almisah McAllister, Erin Vecchies, Connor Caso, Sienna Martinez, Sydney Bryk, Anika Fors, Claire Martin, Kari Karsten, Jack Nelson, Rose Rivera, and Steve Goehrig. (Front row, from left): Lily Zenger, Yeojin Kim, Clare Galbo, Megan Rogers, Associate, Education Department Lindsay Kranz, and Education Program Coordinator Liz Bryson. Not pictured: Jess Trainor and Jess Rohl. In the background is John M. Armleder’s Untitled, 1980/1998. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

The 2014 Future Curators Exhibition Opening. Photograph by Tom Loonan.

From January to May 2014, this dynamic team of young artists, art historians, actors, writers, and entrepreneurs learned what goes on behind the scenes at the Albright-Knox and used the museum's collection to discover new ways of looking at art.

The 2014 Future Curators’ exhibition of artwork by local high school students—A Study in Action/Reaction—was on view at the Albright-Knox May 2–June 8, 2014, with an exhibition opening celebration planned by the team on May 1. It was also on view at the Larkin Art Gallery May 5–31, 2014, with an exhibition opening celebration on May 6.

Program Sponsors

AK Teens is presented by the First Niagara Foundation.

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