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Mendi + Keith Obadike

Musical Performance by Mendi + Keith Obadike: Difference Tones

Friday, January 14, 2022 ● 6 pm

Virtual Event

Join us for a special live virtual performance by Difference Machines: Technology and Identity in Contemporary Art artists Mendi + Keith Obadike, who are known not only for their early internet–based art projects, but also for their pioneering work as sound artists.

Difference Tones is a sound and video performance presented via the virtual space of Zoom and a meditation on the idea of difference. It is centered on the play and interactions between two channels of sound and two images in a single channel of video. The title is taken from the field of acoustics: when two notes are played simultaneously, a third “difference tone,” or imaginary note, is faintly heard.

Please register online. Registrants will receive a link to join this virtual event the morning of the program.

About the Exhibition

Difference Machines: Technology and Identity in Contemporary Art brings together a diverse group of seventeen artists and collectives who creatively reimagine the digital tools that shape our lives. The exhibition includes projects that span the last three decades, ranging from software-based and internet art to animated videos, bioart experiments, digital games, and 3-D printed sculptures. Together, these works explore the aesthetic and social potential of emerging technologies.

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