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Image courtesy of the artist

Voices in Contemporary Art: Aria Dean

Thursday, January 10, 2019 ● 7:15 pm


Aria Dean (American, born 1993) is an artist, critic, and curator whose work examines the frameworks of our individual and collective identities. She is particularly interested in the complicated relationship between “blackness” and the internet, which has created new platforms for the creation and consumption of culture.

In conjunction with the first solo museum presentation of Dean’s work (on view in the Gallery for New Media through January 13, 2019), the Albright-Knox will host Dean for a presentation on her contributions to a larger conversation on the social effects of new technologies. The event will be moderated by the exhibition’s organizer, Assistant Curator Tina Rivers Ryan.

The museum will be free and open to the public from 5:30 to 9 pm.

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Program Sponsor

Voices in Contemporary Art is presented by HSBC Bank USA. 

This event is presented by HSBC Bank USA and hosted by the Radical Women of Buffalo:

Michele Agosto, Divitta Alexander, Tamara Alsace, LaVonne Ansari, Felicia Beard, Michelle Brown, Donna Brown, Sheila Brown, Valeria Cray, Karen Stanley Fleming, Karla Gadley, Alice Jacobs, Glendora Johnson-Cooper, Eunice A. Lewin, Brandye Merriweather, Daun Nicholas, Jennifer Parker, Rhonda Ricks, Trini Ross, Sundra Ryce, Rose Sconiers, Sonja Sirén, Toni Vazquez, Sandy White

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