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Performance: sifu (The Odes of Four), Presented by Bingyi

Friday, May 6, 2011, 8 pm

A musician performs in front of Bingyi's Seamlessly Lost, 2009.

FREE for Members / FREE with special exhibition admission for non-members
1905 Albright Building

The Buffalo- and Beijing-based artist Bingyi will present the concert performance sifu (The Odes of Four), featuring leading musicians from China’s avant-garde alongside her painting Seamlessly Lost, 2009, in the special exhibition Surveyor.

This enchanting experience will lead the audience on a journey through the space between the image of the painting and the mind. It will include traditional Chinese instruments, abstract chanting (avant-garde expressionism), and Kunqu (poetic mannerism), and feature performances by Wei Xing (lead vocalist), Shao Tianshuai (female lead), and Wang Yayu (pipa). The musicians will meander between the audience and the art as the concert unfolds.

Composed by Bingyi to commemorate the creation of Seamlessly Lost, as well as the universal notions of loss and conflict, this unique performance will combine talents from various fields, transcending the boundaries between each discipline. It is about painting, music, dance, poetry, and architecture, but, above all, it is about loss, love, mourning, and passion.


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