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Eva Juarros-Daussà (Romance Languages and Literatures): “Catalans in New York: David and Goliath Revisited”

Scholars at AK

Friday, October 29, 2010, 4 pm

With the UB Humanities Institute and riverrun

AK café

This project examines the life experiences of families residing in New York City, in which at least one parent was born in Catalonia and was educated under the intense language planning policies of the 1980s, which were destined to revitalize the Catalan language after nearly four decades of suppression. The study examines what is left from those ideological campaigns in the immigrant context, and their impact on intergenerational language transmission. From the point of view of linguistic ecology, this group of atypical immigrants is especially interesting because of the combination of languages potentially available to the children: two globalizing languages (Spanish and English), and one minority language with an uncertain future (Catalan). Combining social associative and individual ideological dimensions, this research aims to sort out the interrelationship among different factors that are postulated to explain and predict linguistic behavior in a multilingual community, in the particular linguistic alchemy at hand.

Eva Juarros-Daussà is a linguist in the Romance Languages and Literatures Department. She combines her scientific research on theoretical linguistics with a more humanistic approach to issues regarding her native language, Catalan.

This series transforms AK café into an “intellectual salon,” joining the University at Buffalo and the center of cultural life in the city. Scholars at AK features lectures by UB faculty who have been awarded Humanities Institute fellowships and provides an opportunity for the University and the Buffalo community to build connections through conversation.

Admission is free. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar are available.