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Installation view of Anish Kapoor

Installation view of Anish Kapoor. Image courtesy of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Digital Assets Collection and Archives, Buffalo, New York.

Anish Kapoor

Saturday, July 12, 1986
Sunday, August 24, 1986

1905 Building

Anish Kapoor (Indian, born 1954) has been recognized as one of the most original members of his generation of British sculptors. Born in India, and educated in England, Kapoor combines Western modernism with a sensuality inspired by eastern mythology. His elegant and mysterious sculptures, coated with intensely colored powdered pigment, suggest supernatural apparitions reminiscent of elegant architectural forms, exotic flora, and erotic shapes.

Kapoor employs such diverse materials as chalk, wood, or polystyrene covered with a combination of cement and earth to achieve a harmony in his work that reconciles essentially opposing qualities. This exhibition features Dark, a four-part sculpture of mixed media from 1986, and Untitled, 1984, a mixed media wall piece covered with blue pigment. 

Although there are eastern motifs in Kapoor's work, his allusive forms reach beyond the confines of culture to tap universal archetypes. He has said of his works, "I wish to make sculptures about belief, or about passion, about experience that is outside of material concern." 

This exhibition was organized by Assistant Curator Helen Raye.

Exhibition Sponsors

The exhibition was made possible with public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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