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In: Introspection, Interaction (2013 AK Teens: Future Curators Exhibition)

Friday, May 3–Sunday, June 16, 2013

Patrick Wagner (Lewiston-Porter High School). Octopus. Stoneware clay and mixed media.

On View in the Gallery for Small Sculpture

Our world is undeniably cyclical. The tides of the oceans, the changing of the seasons, and the formation of human experience all resemble unbroken circles. People undoubtedly shape the world around them, yet it is impossible to ignore the fact that people are shaped by the world as well. Even just brief exposure to an event, person, place, or object can have a significant impact on a person’s identity. The countless ways in which our minds and our environment interact result in a singular existence for each of us. The portraits in this exhibition embody how we see ourselves, often with an air of reflection. The many landscapes present the outside world from personal perspectives and remind us of the organic bonds between nature and humanity. Still other works serve as links between these elements, bridging all aspects of life. The introspective nature of this exhibition encourages us to contemplate ourselves and our world, and the interaction between the two.

This exhibition is organized by the 2013 Future Curators.

AK Teens is presented by First Niagara.

Gallery admission is required to view this special exhibition on M&T FIRST FRIDAYS @ THE GALLERY

About the 2013 Future Curators

The 2013 Future Curators team is made up of fourteen students in grades eleven and twelve: Kendall Appelbaum (Nichols School), Claire Augello (Lewiston-Porter High School), Paloma D’Auria (Nichols School), Joshua Fraass (St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute), Katiana Hernandez (Williamsville East High School), Whitney Kehl (Attica Senior High School), Saraphina Masters (Tapestry Charter School), Stephen Matthew (St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute), Megan McCuen (Frontier Central High School), Morgan McCutcheon (West Seneca West Senior High School), Brodie McPherson (Lewiston-Porter High School), Alexa Nicoletti (Lewiston-Porter High School), Maria Root (PS 195 City Honors School), and Charlotte Saunders (Sweet Home High School). This dynamic team of young artists, art historians, actors, writers, cooks, and entrepreneurs was selected from a large pool of applicants and began the program in January 2013. They are delighted to share this exhibition with the Buffalo community. Learn More about the AK Teens: Future Curators Program

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