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Captured: Installation of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #280

February 15, 2012

Art Preparator Christine Carr Miller, Senior Art Preparator Jody Hanson, and Art Preparator Lindsay Nikisher during the installation.

The Gallery’s Art Preparation team is currently installing Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #280: A six-inch (15cm) grid covering a yellow wall. Blue lines from the four corners, red lines from the midpoints of the four sides, white lines from the center to points on the grid, 1976, in the 1905 Albright Building.

This work was originally drawn, according to LeWitt’s instructions, at Hallwalls in 1976 by a team of artists including Diane Bertolo, Linda Brooks, Charles Clough, Pierce Kamke, Robert Longo, Kevin Noble, Cindy Sherman, and Michael Zwack. It is being installed at the Albright-Knox as part of the exhibition Wish You Were Here: The Buffalo Avant-garde in the 1970s, which will open on Friday, March 30, 2012.

Other works on view by LeWitt include the large-scale Wall Drawing #1268: Scribbles: Staircase (AKAG), conceived 2006; executed 2010, in the Gallery’s main stairwell, and the sculpture Wall Structure: Five Modules with One Cube, Black, 1965, located near the Elmwood Avenue entrance in the 1962 Knox Building. 

View photos from the installation of the wall drawing below.