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Captured: Jason Middlebrook’s New Outdoor Installation Takes Root

August 28, 2012

Jason Middlebrook brought plywood sheets pre-marked with the anticipated footings for his sculpture Underlife. Photographs by Holly E. Hughes, AKAG Staff.

The Albright-Knox’s grounds are continuing to transform with the introduction of new sculptural works. Plans are in progress for several more additions over the next year.

Recently, the artist Jason Middlebrook visited the Gallery to pick a site for his work Underlife, a large-scale, site-specific sculptural installation that directly references nature and responds to the tree-planning structure of the Olmsted Parks System.

According to Middlebrook, “Underlife is a complex root system that has been dramatically lifted from the soil and propped on root ends. Standing above ground like a displaced, awe-inspiring, underbelly of nature, the life force of the tree is exposed, having been removed from its natural underground state.”

The final work will be approximately thirty feet wide at its biggest point. Guests will be invited to walk beneath the massive work when it is complete.

This work will surprise in ways besides its sheer scale. Check back for updates about how this exciting project evolves.

Project Updates

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