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February 1, 2011

Telling Tales
July 30, 2010–April 17, 2011
Telling Tales features a selection of small sculpture and other works that tell stories. Some of the stories are about spiritual beliefs, including those of Tahiti, Russia, and ancient Egypt. Other works reflect on politics and society—for example, Jirí Kolár’s evocation of Greece in Cycladic Heads, Honoré-Victorin Daumier’s satiricial figure Ratapoil, and Ernst Barlach’s moving World War I work The Avenger. Stories about people and families include Janine Antoni’s unusual sculpture Umbilical, featuring the family silver, and Medardo Rosso’s enigmatic Eta d’oro (The Golden Age). One section of the exhibition will include sculpture of various animals, including horses, dogs, and deer. Still other works tell stories about process and artistic materials. Finally, imaginary stories are inspired by several of Joseph Cornell’s fantastic boxes and Charles Simonds’s compelling sculpture Ritual Furnace.

Spotlight on the Collection—Artists in Depth: Picasso, Braque, Léger, Delaunay, Presented by The Buffalo News
January 21–June 5, 2011
This exhibition is the first in a new series drawn from the Albright-Knox Collection focusing on important artists whose works the Gallery has acquired in depth. The series will reach beyond the Gallery’s well-known masterworks to highlight a broad range of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from selected artists’ careers. Many of the works are less known to Albright-Knox audiences, not having been exhibited in some time, but, seen together, they will bring context and greater understanding to the chosen artists’ practices and their art-historical legacies. With this first exhibition, the Gallery returns to its modernist roots with a complete display of all works in the Collection by four masters: Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), Georges Braque (French, 1882–1963), Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955), and Sonia Delaunay (French, born Russia, 1885–1979). All were early-twentieth-century pioneers of abstraction—Picasso and Braque joined forces as the founders of Cubism, Delaunay’s bright colors and geometric forms presaged geometric abstraction, and Léger’s cylindrical forms interpreted the mechanical age and predated Pop art. Future exhibitions in the "Spotlight on the Collection" series will highlight various groupings, themes, and individual artists, all with the aim of examining the richness and depth of the Albright-Knox’s Collection through new perspectives.

February 18–June 5, 2011
A new exhibition of modern and contemporary work rooted in the exploration, observation, and construction of the landscape will open at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Friday, February 18, 2011. Curator Heather Pesanti’s multi-layered approach to this exhibition results in a dialogue between curator, collection, artist, and author. In addition to showing multiple new acquisitions alongside well-known works from the Gallery’s Collection, Pesanti has invited five Buffalo-based artists to both exhibit their work and make their own selections from the Collection. An additional layer to this innovative exploration is the inclusion of several rare art poetry books that will allow visitors to the Gallery to further explore the visual alongside the literary. Surveyor explores the theme of humanity’s relationship with, and fervent desire to understand, the natural world in which we live. The works on view will represent man observing his environment, traditional and contemporary landscapes, topographical mapping, surveying and surveillance, and post-apocalyptic visions.

Pipilotti Rist
March 18–July 3, 2011
This second exhibition in the Gallery for New Media will center on the recent acquisition of All or Nothing (alles oder nichts), 2010, an intimately scaled video sculpture by the Swiss-born artist Pipilotti Rist and the first work by the artist to be acquired by the Albright-Knox. All or Nothing (alles oder nichts) is composed of a triptych of LCD screens mounted on the wall, containing imagery that straddles the line between the "corporal and the spiritual." Mesmerizing in its fluidity, this chimera of hands and gender-specific body parts morphs and changes in a cadenced motion amidst a psychedelic sea of lushly vivid color.

Spotlight on the Collection—Artists in Depth: Arp, Miró, and Calder, Presented by The Buffalo News
March 25, 2011–April 1, 2012
Spotlight on the Collection—Artists in Depth: Arp, Miró, Calder, presented by The Buffalo News, is the second installment in a new series of ongoing exhibitions drawn from the Albright-Knox’s Collection centering on important artists whose works the Gallery has acquired in depth. Featuring a comprehensive array of works in all media by Jean Arp (French, born Germany, 1886–1966), Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893–1983), and Alexander Calder (American, 1898–1976), this exhibition will highlight the Gallery’s extensive collection of the work of these three masterful artists, who pushed color, line, and form beyond convention.

Videosphere: A New Generation
July 1–October 16, 2011
Not since Being & Time: The Emergence of Video Projection, organized by then Curator Marc Mayer in 1996, has the Albright-Knox hosted an exhibition that focuses on the power and influence of new media. More than a decade later, Videosphere: A New Generation is the first-ever exhibition of time-based media art culled exclusively from the Gallery’s Collection. In this exhibition, audiences will be introduced to various styles and approaches to this singular genre of artwork. Featuring an exceptional selection of artists—including Cory Arcangel, Jeremy Blake, Phil Collins, Brody Condon, James Drake, Isaac Julien, Bruce Nauman, João Onofre, Kelly Richardson, and Peter Sarkisian—this exhibition brings to light both emerging artists and pioneers in the field.

Victoria Sambunaris Photography
November 4, 2011–February 26, 2012
Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1964, Victoria Sambunaris documents, through the lens of her camera, the impact that human beings have had on the landscape and the natural world. In conjunction with the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Albright-Knox will present a selection of photographs from Sambunaris’s most recent body of work, marking the artist’s first solo exhibition at a major American museum. Hauntingly beautiful in their documentation of the declining American terrain, Sambunaris’s images celebrate the intersection of civilization, geology, and natural history, featuring trains in Texas and Wyoming, trucks in New Jersey and Wisconsin, the oil pipeline in Alaska, uranium tailings in Utah, and a unique view of Arizona's Petrified Forest.

Full Color Depression: First Kodachromes from America’s Heartland
November 4, 2011February 26, 2012
Organized by Buffalo-based photographer, filmmaker, and folklorist Bruce Jackson with Albright-Knox Curator for the Collection Holly E. Hughes, this exhibition will feature a selection of sixty rarely seen color photographs from the Library of Congress’ Farm Security Administration Collection. The photographs depict American rural and small-town life and the adverse effects of the Great Depression.

Visionary Collecting: Selections from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery
November 18, 2011March 4, 2012
Visionary Collecting: Selections from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery will feature seventy-nine stellar paintings and sculptures by more than sixty artists from the late nineteenth century to the present, this exhibition highlights the history of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s extraordinary collection by focusing on the pioneering benefactors and museum professionals who made it possible. Founded in 1862 as The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (now the governing body of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery), it is among the oldest art museums in America and one of the most celebrated for its longstanding commitment to collecting and exhibiting experimental art.